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VICTORY - Gavrilakis Ioannis & Co
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Our company is also making individual packages of small portions such as chocolates, biscuits, candies, cookies, "pasteli" (a greek traditional dessert), as also condoms. The above products are wrapped in fancy or simple foils and there is also the possibility to print a logo on them. This is a smart and not expensive way of promotion of any person or business that wants to have its firm printed on those individual packages. There is a variety of foils as also of printing colors, that facilitates our clients to chose, according to their needs or their taste.

44th STREET, No 14, BIO. PA . ANO LIOSION. P.C. 133 41
TEL: 210 2380.553 - 210 2311.820 - 210 2480.377
FAX 210 2380.550
VICTORY - Gavrilakis Ioannis & Co